Certified Supplement Contract Manufacturing

We are a direct one stop shop. Offering complete turnkey nutritional manufacturing solutions which provide a great return on investment.

VitaWest Nutraceuticals focuses on product development to production, delivery and compliance. Our advanced R&D team takes pride in a proven track record of transparency, reliability, and consistency.

Our 40,000 square foot high tech facility equipped with a full suite of advanced machinery has successfully helped us differentiate countless customized formulas.

Our experience is molded by years of customizing formulas. We have reached the strength of over thousands of manufacturing applications. It is a riveting stage for science and we’re redefining the way nutraceuticals are made. No job is too big, we handle all capacities and great lead-times. expansion through our efficient manufacturing processes.

All of our raw ingredients and nutritional mixture is tested for contaminants. Uncompromising quality is in every step of our product inception to completion program.

Enjoy a thrilling experience bringing your idea to life and have it ready for distribution.

Capsules Manufacturing are a brands favorite choice to deliver their supplements since they are quickly and easily absorbed. Empty capsules are purchased from trusted and verified suppliers.

Ah, the science behind the gummy! Gummy bear formulas are a highly popular delivery methods for nutritional supplements, favored by both children and adults.

Tinctures make it easy to consume the natural boosting chemicals found in certain plants. The accessibility of tinctures has made them a key component of traditional medicine.

Custom Formulations

Differentiate your products from competitors by creating customized formulas

Delivery Options

Packaging Bottles & Pouches

In House Labs and
3rd Party Labs

We partner with the industry’s premier group of independent labs, which conduct third-party testing to ensure quality standards are met or exceeded and specialized requirements are addressed.

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