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Custom Vitamin Gummies

Your Domestic Gummy Manufacturing Partner.

Do you have a unique gummy formula in mind that you’d like to test the market with?

We are the Gummy Manufacturer that can help you.

By using our flexible manufacturing processes, we can help startups and small businesses test their market with a unique gummy formula. Your initial gummy run includes more than 12,000 pieces. With a low up-front cost of only $1,500. Call us today to ask about our custom gummy pilot program.

Here’s how it works


Active Ingredients

Tell us what actives you have in mind for your gummy vitamin. From minerals to botanicals to vitamins, we can work with them all.


Flavor and Color Profile​

What flavor and color you have in mind for your custom gummy.



How would you like your unique gummies packaged, bulk or bottle?

quality gummies

All of our raw ingredients and nutritional mixture is tested for contaminants. Uncompromising quality is in every step of our product inception to completion program.

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