As supplement manufacturers we provide complete supplement solutions from concept to completion quickly and reliably.

As a turnkey supplier, VitaWest Nutraceuticals thrives on wholesome product innovation. As established health enthusiasts, we understand the importance of high-quality nutraceutical availability. This became our core function; to provide nutritious, translucent, and natural supplements to various health sectors. In order to achieve this, we utilize the best science-driven manufacturing processes available.

We specialize in encapsulation, sports nutrition, raw health powders, product formulation and distribution. Our highly trained full-service development team has extensive experience developing and delivering countless formulas. From ingredients to product, our capabilities enable us to control every aspect from lead times, capacity, and competitive pricing. We are devoted to maximizing and prioritizing our partners and their client’s health needs. Our committee continues to explore mixing science, machinery, and artistry, allowing our purchasers to reap the full health benefits of amazing wellness products. Finding enjoyment in serving natural products to health food consumers.