Capsules Manufacturing

Certified Supplement Contract Manufacturing

We are a direct one stop shop. Offering complete turnkey nutritional manufacturing solutions which provide a great return on investment.

Capsules Manufacturing are a brands favorite choice to deliver their supplements since they are quickly and easily absorbed. Empty capsules are purchased from trusted and verified suppliers.

Our naturally extracted automatic encapsulation processes ensure every bio active compound is preserved for potency maximization and its effectiveness. Select from an assortment of colors for encapsulation.

Our automatic capsule filling process is constantly monitored by trained staffed to avoid any cracks or dimples.

Custom Formulations

Differentiate your products from competitors by creating customized formulas

Delivery Options

Packaging Bottles & Pouches

In House Labs and 3rd Party Labs

We partner with the industry’s premier group of independent labs, which conduct third-party testing to ensure quality standards are met or exceeded and specialized requirements are addressed.

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