Vitamin Gummy Manufacturing

Our Gummy Vitamin Manufacturing has grown in popularity along with the parallel rise of demand for the gummy bear formula. The preference for them has proved to be nearly identical for all ages. For this reason, we’ve recognized the importance of taste in our gummies and successfully implemented signature quality flavors and related ingredients to mask any undesired tastes and scents in the product, giving you and your customers the flavor they know us so well for.

Chewy gummy products are passionately addictive and loved due to their fun shapes and great taste. Flavoring and texture are an important factor and are top priority to ensure superior range of pleasing flavors. In addition to flavor, our gummy supplements, combine the right balance of gelatin with other ingredients, for a pleasing soft texture. 

The Benefits of The Gummy Form

For a child, the advantages are obvious: such gummies taste good and are perceived as a delicacy. It is suitable for all kids who love fruit-flavored marmalade, and there is an element of play in this vitamin intake, which guarantees that the child will never stop using them. Furthermore, this form of release also has advantages for parents, not only in terms of taste but also its benefits.

Compared to conventional hard tablets, gummy vitamins have a great advantage: when chewed in the mouth, the tablet in its original compressed form does not reach the stomach. Hence:

  • The release of the active ingredients is faster – already in the mouth. Therefore, the absorption of vitamins is faster.
  • Since this gummy does not lie in the stomach, this means that when dissolved, it has no additional effect on the mucous membrane of the stomach wall.

As a result, these vitamin supplements are considered an ideal choice for people who don’t like to swallow pills and for young children.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do Vitamin gummies work?

The size of the global market for gummy vitamins speaks for itself. It is estimated at $5.9 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $10.6 billion by 2025. In addition, due to the fact that chewable vitamins contain a certain amount of beneficial micronutrients, their use can have a positive effect on health. Therefore, most people use this form of supplement to replenish the required amount of nutrients.

  • Are vitamin gummies good for you?

Of course, gummy vitamins have benefits such as the desired flavor and the nutrients they contain. What’s more, they may be considered most beneficial for people with nutritional deficiencies, absorption problems, or increased nutrient requirements.

  • How do vitamin gummies work?

In general, gummy vitamins work in the same way as traditional vitamins. However, when consuming gummies, a person needs to chew them first, which helps the body absorb vitamins faster because teeth and saliva start working with them immediately.

  • How many vitamin gummies can you eat?

The amount will vary depending on the amount and variety of supplements that are included in the gummy vitamins and on the supplement facts.

  • Are vitamin gummies vegan?

Based on your preference, gummies can be vegan as long as they are made with plant-based ingredients such as pectin instead of animal-based gelatin.

  • Do vitamin gummies expire?

Like any product, gummy vitamins have a shelf life. Since most of the ingredients in vitamins and supplements are gradually degraded, their effectiveness diminishes over time. Thus, it can be argued that gummy vitamins do not “expire” in the traditional sense. In other words, they cannot become unsafe, but they simply become less effective.