Immune Support Supplement Capsules

Immunity is a “shield” that protects us from various diseases. The strongest blow to the immune system is caused by constant stress, emotional and physical overload, lack of sleep, and unbalanced nutrition. Frequent colds, allergic reactions, and other signs may indicate that the immune system is compromised. To prevent this from happening, VitaWest Nutraceuticals brings you the best solution – Immune Support Supplement Capsules, bottled, and ready to be branded.

Due to the thoughtful and precisely selected formula of the immune support capsules, you will be able to satisfy and receive good reviews from your customers. This formula includes the most important ingredients found in immune support vitamins, such as vitamin C, zinc, and elderberry fruit extract.

Vitamin C and zinc act as antioxidants, neutralizing free radicals. Vitamin C supplements can delay or shorten the duration of illness. A balanced level of vitamin C (i.e. a good supply of vitamin C) contributes to the healthy functioning of the immune system. As soon as viruses reach our mucous membranes, vitamin C is active in various places. It causes the formation of leukocytes, binds free radicals, neutralizes them, and regenerates more of the body’s own antioxidants. Thus, it keeps our immune system in check and reduces oxidative stress. When a cold occurs, vitamin C levels sometimes drop dramatically due to increased costs. If this happens, it is advised to take large doses of vitamin C quickly to support our body’s defense systems. In its turn zinc stimulates the so-called T cells in the body, which helps to recognize and destroy bacteria and viruses. Moreover, zinc is effective against colds because it prevents viruses from infecting host cells in the nasal mucosa. Besides, it inhibits growth and stops the reproduction of these microbes. Finally, zinc helps to resolve possible inflammatory reactions. Thus, the nasal mucosa does not swell so much, which allows the person to breathe easier.

Meanwhile, elderberry is very popular primarily as a natural immunity activator, mainly in Europe and America. In the United States, in the season of colds, drugs based on its break sales records. American experts have found that they help reduce the severity and duration of the flu. And the Israeli colleagues clarify the duration of the disease when taking elderberry is reduced by an average of 4 days. Recently Australian scientists published the results of a study confirming that the active compounds of black elderberry have a direct effect on the influenza virus and prevent it from entering cells. Also, elderberry is effective in the later stages of the influenza cycle when cell infection has already occurred. In this case, it helps to increase the effectiveness of the immune response to infection. Such amazing properties of elderberry are due to its active substances, including anthocyanin cyanidin-3-glucoside. What is more, its antioxidant effect is 2 times higher than that of cranberries and 5 times higher than that of blueberries! In addition, it turned out that cyanidin-3-glucoside has one of the most powerful indicators of antioxidant activity of all plant flavonoids.

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